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  • Michigan, Michigan, indian origin suneel gupta running for michigan house of representatives, Suneel gupta

    Indian-origin Suneel Gupta Running for Michigan House of Representatives 2018-07-03 07:31:10

    An Indian-origin entrepreneur Suneel Gupta is seeking to enter the House of Representatives from Michigan. He is a younger brother of America's top medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Suneel is among the five candidates running in the Democratic primary from...

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    Michigan, Democratic primary, michigan democratic primary indian american s shri thanedar suneel gupta lose, Suneel gupta

    Michigan Democratic Primary: Indian American's Shri Thanedar, Suneel Gupta Lose 2018-08-09 04:37:19

    An Indian American entrepreneur and scientist Shri Thanedar who was one among several candidates in the Democratic party primary for Michigan governor finished third in Tuesday's Democratic primary which was won by former legislative leader Gretchen Whitmer.Thanedar, an entrepreneur from...

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    Michigan, Indian American Entrepreneur, indian american entrepreneur hopes to win a seat in michigan s 11th congressional district, Suneel gupta

    Indian American Entrepreneur Hopes to Win a Seat in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District 2018-05-15 13:01:20

    Michigan:An Indian American former executive of Groupon is anticipating to win a seat in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.Suneel Gupta, a Democrat, an undergraduate from University of Michigan, a law and M.B.A. student from Northwestern University, has been a booming entrepreneur....

    Keywords: Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, Indian American Entrepreneur, Indian American Entrepreneur, Indian American Entrepreneur

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    Trump, Michigan Primary Suneel Gupta, indian american suneel gupta gears up for michigan primary, Suneel gupta

    Indian-American Suneel Gupta Gears Up for Michigan Primary 2018-08-06 04:42:56

    An Indian-American businessperson Suneel Gupta is seeking to enter the United States Congress to combat against the special interests of the corporate sector, which he believes have peaked under the Donald Trump Administration. "Our family has always been very principled...

    Keywords: United States, Trump, United States, Trump

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    Suneel Gupta, Indian-origin, indian american impact fund endorses suneel gupta, Suneel gupta

    Indian American Impact Fund Endorses Suneel Gupta 2018-07-11 10:41:20

    The Indian American Impact Fund has endorsed Indian-origin entrepreneur Suneel Gupta, who is seeking to enter the United States House of Representatives from Michigan. "Having known Suneel for years, I know he has the passion and experience that will make him an extraordinary...

    Keywords:  Michigan, Indian American Impact Fund, Suneel Gupta, Suneel Gupta

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