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  • Seviyan recipe, Seviyan dessert, eid recipe seviyan, Rose water

    Eid Recipe: Seviyan 2016-07-05 10:06:32

    The festival of Eid is going to be celebrated soon! Seviyan is the special dessert for this occasion. Here is the preparation method of  this easy to make and delicious dessert recipe. Ingredients: Vermicelli: 1 1/4 cups Clarified butter: 1/2...

    Keywords: how to make Seviyan, Eid Recipe, Seviyan dessert, Seviyan recipe

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    Kesar Phirni, Kesar Phirni recipe, yummy kesar phirni, Rose water

    Yummy Kesar Phirni! 2016-06-27 12:04:10

    Kesar Phirni is a sweet dish with saffron flavour. The Yummy sweet dish is made with rice and milk. The delicious dessert is easy to make and less time consuming. Ingredients Milk: 1 litre Basmati rice: 50grams (Soaked) Sugar: 1...

    Keywords: How to make Kesar Phirni, Kesar Phirni, Kesar Phirni recipe, Kesar Phirni recipe

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    homemade face packs, face packs, grapes make great face packs, Rose water

    Grapes make great face packs! 2016-04-02 10:17:38

    Grapes make great face packs. Pick the Grapes to make your own fruit packs like grape-mint face pack, grape-carrot face pack, as well as face pack for oily skin. This is one of the best ways to get radiant skin....

    Keywords: face packs, face packs, fruit packs with grapes, homemade face packs

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    Ways To Treat Sweaty Hands And Feet, Sweaty Hands And Feet, 10 ways to treat sweaty hands and feet, Rose water

    10 Ways To Treat Sweaty Hands And Feet 2017-03-27 12:43:19

    The hottest season of the year is here and it is a challenging time for those, who have a problem of sweaty hands and feet. This makes something as simple as shaking hands with someone a huge embarrassment. If you...

    Keywords: 10 Ways To Treat Sweaty Hands And Feet, Ways To Treat Sweaty Hands And Feet, Ways To Treat Sweaty Hands And Feet, Sweaty Hands And Feet

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    Natural cleansers, Natural cleansers, natural cleansers to get rid of make up, Rose water

    Natural cleansers to get rid of make-up! 2016-09-02 12:49:07

    You may want to use a soft and natural make-up cleanser to get rid of heavy make-up, after sporting it for hours. The experts says, cucumbers and yogurt can act as natural make-up cleansers and will leave your skin safe...

    Keywords: Natural cleansers, Natural cleansers, ,

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    remedies for dark circles, Dark circles removing tips, easy remedies to get rid of dark circles, Rose water

    Easy remedies to get rid of dark circles! 2016-06-17 05:56:10

    Are you tired of dark circles? It can be eliminated easily by using certain interesting natural remedies, which can be prepared easily at home. But, be careful while applying it and avoid getting them into the eyes. Here are some...

    Keywords: Dark circles removing tips, Dark circles, remedies for dark circles, remedies for dark circles

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