‘Nani’ a hero of his kind!Celebrity Interviews

October 21, 2011 06:19
‘Nani’ a hero of his kind!

Nani1Right from being an RJ to making a debut as a Hero in the award winning film like ‘Astha Chamma’, to playing one of the challenging role in ‘Beemli Kabaddi Jattu’, to bagging the block buster success with ‘Ala Modalaindi’, Hero Nani has finally managed to make his dream of becoming a hero turn to reality, with no god father in this industry and his talent being the only key to success.  Andhrawishesh team has wished this upcoming Hero personally and spoke about the film as well. Nani talks much more about his recent success 'PillaJamindaar' to Andhrawishesh team;

About ‘PillaJamindaar’s success

Right from the launch of the film, and even before that, right when the director has come up with the script, I had confidence that this movie would make a difference after the release and same has happened today. People at theaters are enjoying the comedy in the film, the songs, the sentiment and the dialogues as per the sequences. In short, ‘PillaJamindaar’ is a complete feast to the audience. I am happy that, at the time of the story discussions, the story told by our director, the same has been projected on screen. There was not a inch difference in the narration of the story. And these days, this kind of the output has been very difficult to achieve. I am happy that ‘PillaJamindaar’ made me get the feel of doing a complete film. I have a confidence that I can make n number of other people from the industry to watch this film along with me. And I am sure that all of them would only ‘compliment’ my work and the film instead. I am proud to be a part of this project.

About experimenting the roles

It is not just that I am establishing myself as a Hero and doing only certain set of stories and roles. The audience would only love to watch the films, when they find something new in it and it has to be entertaining too. so, I tend to experiment with each role that comes to me. Moreover, I am a kind of a person who gets bored very easily. I can’t do the same kind of work and roles again and again. So, I would be searching for something new every now and then. May be because of this urge of mine or the film makers coming up with the new kind of stories, I am having an opportunity to experiment with different variation of roles every now and then.

About the title of film

This title has come from the story itself. Generally, we use this term ‘PillaJamindaar’ in order to tease some body, even in this film; we have certain elements that would suit to the title for sure. This film is a complete entertainer, but there are some inherent message and thgouths that make you think while you are watching and enjoying the entertainment in the film. But, ‘PillaJamindaar’ is not a flick that you would watch, laugh, and forget. This film and the story along with the screenplay will make you think, even once you are out of the theaters.

About the Director

Director of the film Ashok is a very intelligent director. In fact, let me share you my first meet with him. He has come up to me with a story initially. May be because of my mind set or the situation in which I was at that time, I was not in a position to accept that story as I was not convinced listening to it. I have told the same to Ashok. But, the way he was narrating the story clearly made me understand that he understands Cinema. He knows what to be done where. So, I had a positive opinion on him. After some time, Ashok had again met me, narrated another story. This time, not only the story, but his way of narrating the screenplay has made me accept the film and that’s how ‘PillaJamindaar’ happened.

What makes Nani accept a film?

Any director for me should be able to execute his thoughts as a film in a perfect manner. Only then, audience would accept the film. before doing the film, one should have a clarity of what he is doing and
should be able to think from the audience point of view, if they would accept the thought or not. Only then, the chances of film being the success are very high. So, I would be always interested to work with directors who possess this kind of a thought process. And I am glad that Ashok has done what he thought and told me he would be doing.

About adapting the role

This it is a very tough task. When you are playing any role for that matter, you should not be someone else, but you should adapt the thought that you are what you are playing. This process of adaptation itself decides the success or the failure of the role. Right from my first film ‘AshtaChamma’ to ‘BeemliKabaddiJattu’ to ‘AlaModalaindi’ and many other films I have done, the first thing I do as soon as I accept the role is getting into the skin of the character. Right from the Body language to the look to the dialogue delivery, I behave and live in the role; I think this is how people are still recognizing me.

About the role in ‘PillaJamindaar’

This is a character that has got immense variations in it. In the first half of the film in particular, I play the role of the most arrogant and super rich guy, from a Jamindaari family. He wakes up with money and his day ends with the same. in the second half of the film, my role transforms in to a complete change over, and that you have to see on screen. So, I enjoyed playing many variations in a single role.

Any tough sequence in a film?

As such, I take every sequence and every shot as a challenge. But yes, there is one such sequence in the film, where I am supposed to play a stage drama in the college. At first I have to play the drama as if I am not at all interested in it. but, later I need to completely get involved in the same and with complete emotion I need to play the drama. So, this sequence, that has got two variations in it, was much more challenging for me.

Well, with his way of understanding Cinema and climbing every step of star dome by doingentertaining film, hope Nani has a long way to go. Andhrawishesh team wishes this Young Hero, A Gud Luck ahead!

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