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  • Alerts, Dangerous Messages, whatsapp tests new feature that alerts user of dangerous messages, Whatsapp

    WhatsApp Tests New Feature that Alerts User of 'Dangerous Messages' 2018-07-10 07:08:29

    WhatsApp, the instant messaging app has been the midway for several controversies, especially in India following reports of lynching incidents after fake content and messages were dispersed through social media platform. The Indian government, as an issue went on the...

    Keywords: WhatsApp, Dangerous Messages, Dangerous Messages, WhatsApp

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    WhatsApp misinformation, WhatsApp, whatsapp declines india s demand for message traceability, Whatsapp

    WhatsApp Declines India's Demand for Message Traceability 2018-08-24 04:55:14

    WhatsApp on Thursday said tracking the origin of messages on its platform would undermine end-to-end encryption and affect privacy protection for users leading rejection of India's demand. The Facebook-owned company further said emphasizing people use its platform for all kinds...

    Keywords: WhatsApp misinformation, WhatsApp misinformation, WhatsApp, WhatsApp misinformation

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    Users, instant messaging app, whatsapp curbs forwarding messages to five users, Whatsapp

    WhatsApp Curbs Forwarding Messages to Five Users 2018-07-20 07:53:11

    The instant messaging application, in order to handle outspread of fake information on its platform, on Thursday proclaimed that users can forward messages to only five people at once.WhatsApp had said that it was testing a forwarding limit that will...

    Keywords: forward messages, Users, instant messaging app, WhatsApp

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    Google Drive, WhatsApp, whatsapp to delete old chats if they are not saved as part of deal with google, Whatsapp

    WhatsApp to Delete Old Chats if they are not saved as Part of Deal with Google 2018-08-21 07:00:16

    WhatsApp is planning to change its policy on backing up and storing your data. In particular, your old photos and videos may stand deleted forever, as per the latest post by the instant messaging app.The practice followed by WhatsApp thus...

    Keywords: Google and WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp

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    deadly online game, WhatsApp, momo challenge deadly online game spreads panic, Whatsapp

    Momo Challenge: Deadly Online Game Spreads Panic 2018-08-13 07:28:04

    Just about a year after a suicidal game Blue Whale Challenge that allegedly led to a vast figure of suicides among teenagers across the world, now a new game name 'Momo Challenge' is reportedly encouraging children to execute unsafe challenges. The...

    Keywords: Momo game, Momo Challenge, Momo, WhatsApp

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    Study, Study, facebook to offer 50 000 for study on whatsapp s fake news problem, Whatsapp

    Facebook to Offer $50,000 for Study on WhatsApp's Fake News Problem 2018-07-06 11:52:10

    Facebook, a social networking company is offering $50,000 to researchers to study the disperse of fake news in its free messaging platform WhatsApp. It had proclaimed the 'WhatsApp Research Awards' initiative, which will be considering proposals from social science and technological...

    Keywords: Facebook, Fake, Facebook, Study

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