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  • passports, social media, sabarimala row kerala police issue warning to nris inciting riots, Twitter

    Sabarimala Row: Kerala Police Issue Warning to NRIs Inciting Riots 2018-11-21 05:31:59

    Amid irrepressible protests in Kerala over Sabarimala temple, now warning has been issued to Non-Resident Indians who have allegedly been inciting riots and fermenting trouble over the Sabarimala issue. A notice issued by the Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner says that...

    Keywords: Kerala, NRI passports, passports, social media

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    Donald Trump, Donald Trump twitter, trump receives backlash as he omit hindus in diwali tweet, Twitter

    Trump Receives Backlash as He Omit Hindus in Diwali Tweet 2018-11-14 11:54:32

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday made a massive error while tweeting about the Diwali celebrations at the White House.In an outrageous error, President Trump utterly missed out mentioning the main and sizable religious group which observes Diwali, that is, Hindus,...

    Keywords: light, Donald Trump twitter, Trump, Twitteratis

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    Statue of Unity, Noah, u s comedian jokes over statue of unity receives counterblast, Twitter

    U.S. Comedian Jokes over Statue of Unity, Receives Counterblast 2018-11-14 12:02:09

    The Statue of Unity, honoring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, has turned to be a worldwide topic of dialogue for being the tallest statue in the world, exceeding several prominent statues across the globe, including the Statue of Liberty. While the inauguration...

    Keywords: Noah, United States, United States, twitter

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    Assange, Assange, julian assange charged in us wikileaks, Twitter

    Julian Assange Charged in US: WikiLeaks 2018-11-16 11:08:56

    The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has been charged in the United States for being behind a massive dump of classifies U.S. documents in 2010, WikiLeaks said on Thursday. Prosecutors revealed the existence of the sealed indictment inadvertently in a...

    Keywords: sealed, United States, sealed, Julian Assange

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    Dorsey, Dalit activist, twitter ceo faces backlash for clasping anti brahmins placard, Twitter

    Twitter CEO Faces Backlash for Clasping Anti-Brahmins Placard 2018-11-20 10:40:53

    Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is facing backlash on social media for holding a placard that read 'Smash Brahminical Patriarchy' on Monday. The picture, posted on Twitter on Sunday by a journalist who was part of a group of...

    Keywords: brahmins in India, brahmins, Anti Brahmins, Dalit activist

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    Caravan, Juan Manuel Gastelum, caravan influx to last at least 6 months says tijuana mayor, Twitter

    Caravan Influx to Last at Least 6 Months, Says Tijuana Mayor 2018-11-17 05:39:18

    With more or less 3,000 Central American migrants had reached the Mexican border across from California and thousands more anticipated, the mayor of Tijuana, a city in     Mexico, said Friday that the city was preparing for an influx that...

    Keywords: Gastelum, US border, Tijuana Mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum

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