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  • Christmas Decoration, White House Christmas, white house christmas decorations under tweet attacks, Trump

    White House Christmas Decorations Under Tweet-Attacks 2017-12-01 13:22:06

    Washington DC:Melania Trump’s White House decorations for this year’s Christmas has been a subject of largely mean memes and hate tweets over the past couple of days. Twitter was set ablaze as soon as the White House unveiled this year’s...

    Keywords: White House Christmas, Christmas Decoration, White House Christmas, Christmas Decoration

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    H1B, H1B, indian americans relieved and welcome h1b continuation of extension status, Trump

    Indian Americans relieved and welcome H1B continuation of extension status 2018-01-10 10:30:05

    The Trump administration changes in the current H1B reforms have led to shiver and fright among India immigrants awaiting Green card processing. But the recent decision by USCIS stating that it was not considering proposal to force H1B holders to...

    Keywords: Immigratiuon, Immigratiuon, H1B, H1B

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    terminating the diversity lottery program, terrorist led massacre killing 8 in the Lower Manhattan, trump damned diversity visa lottery program for nyc attack last evening, Trump

    Trump damned “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” for NYC Attack last evening 2017-11-02 06:57:00

    Washington; Nov 1:President Donald Trump fired a series of tweets to blame the Diversity visa Lottery program for yet another terrorist led massacre killing 8 in the Lower Manhattan. He demanded the immigration program to be merit based and not...

    Keywords: San Bernardino attack in CA, San Bernardino attack in CA, Trump damned Diversity Visa Lottery Program, terminating the diversity lottery program

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    Trump, Trump, us government shuts down as senate fails to agree on a new budget, Trump

    US Government Shuts Down As Senate Fails To Agree On A New Budget 2018-01-20 10:55:36

    After almost 5 years the US Government has shut down at the stroke of midnight on Friday. Senate leaders failed to reach an agreement for a short term spending bill and the required 60 votes were not reached amid bitter...

    Keywords: Trump, Trump, Federal Shutdown, Federal Shutdown

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    Republican, TPS, trump administration ends protection to more than 200000 salvadoreans, Trump

    Trump Administration ends protection to more than 200000 Salvadoreans 2018-01-10 10:11:13

    Washington DC:The Department of Homeland Security announced that the Trump administration will end the protection of over 250000 El Salvadorean nationals who are residing in the US as immigrants for over 10-15 years. Those Salvadoreans who still do not have...

    Keywords: TPS, Republican, TPS, Republican

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    Sam’s Club, Sam’s Club, sam s club is closing down 63 of its stores around us, Trump

    Sam’s Club Is Closing Down 63 Of Its Stores Around US 2018-01-12 09:18:34

    In a shocking revelation by Walmart, it is closing down 63 of its Sam’s club stores across US. This move comes just after the praise it received from the White House over raising hourly pay and giving out worker bonuses...

    Keywords: Store Closure, Store Closure, Sam’s Club, Store Closure

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