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  • Trump Administration, United States, trump administration proposes car mileage rollback, Technology

    Trump Administration Proposes Car-mileage Rollback 2018-08-03 05:49:08

    The Trump administration on Thursday backing away government's years of endeavors to cut America's trips to the gas station and cut down climate-changing tailpipe emissions, and unhealthy, proposed rolling back car-mileage standards. If the proposed rule gets finalized, the auto...

    Keywords: Obama, Obama, United States, Car-mileage Rollback

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    Michigan Democratic Primary, Michigan Democrats, michigan democratic primary indian american s shri thanedar suneel gupta lose, Technology

    Michigan Democratic Primary: Indian American's Shri Thanedar, Suneel Gupta Lose 2018-08-09 04:37:19

    An Indian American entrepreneur and scientist Shri Thanedar who was one among several candidates in the Democratic party primary for Michigan governor finished third in Tuesday's Democratic primary which was won by former legislative leader Gretchen Whitmer.Thanedar, an entrepreneur from...

    Keywords: Democratic primary, Michigan Democratic Primary, Suneel Gupta, Michigan Democratic Primary

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    social apps,, musical ly to shut down merges with tiktok, Technology to Shut Down, Merges With TikTok 2018-08-04 07:08:31

    A social app for video creation and live broadcasting will end to be as a video app and all its contents will be made accessible from TikTok, an app almost in the same genre but much more popular in...

    Keywords: social apps, Asia, China,

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    Facebook, US, facebook removes 30 fake pages designed to influence u s mid term elections, Technology

    Facebook Removes 30 Fake Pages 'Designed to Influence U.S. Mid-term Elections' 2018-08-01 09:28:03

    Facebook on Tuesday proclaimed it had closed nearly 30 fake pages and actives accounts, which seemed to be a coordinated attempt to sway public opinion on public issues ahead of November midterm elections, yet the source is unidentified. It said...

    Keywords: Facebook, Fake Pages, Mark Zukerberg, US

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    vote right for NRIs, Lok Sabha, lok sabha enables bill allowing nris to cast vote through proxy, Technology

    Lok Sabha Enables Bill Allowing NRIs to Cast Vote Through Proxy 2018-08-11 05:15:47

    The Lok Sabha on Thursday passed a bill to widen the facility of 'proxy voting' to abroad Indians, on the lines of service voters. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad responding to the debate on the Representation of the People (Amendment)...

    Keywords: vote right for NRIs, Lok Sabha, Lok Sabha, NRIs

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    International Cat Day, Cat Owner, international cat day reasons why being a cat owner is good for health, Technology

    International Cat Day: Reasons Why Being a Cat Owner is good for Health 2018-08-08 11:44:15

    We are certain you must have come across people in your circle who are fanatical over cats. Though there are ceaseless debates on whether a dog makes for a better companion or a cat. However, a study by Indiana University...

    Keywords: International Cat Day, International Cat Day, Cat Owner, International Cat Day

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