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  • Police Officer, Gulab Singh Shaheen, pakistan s sikh police officer thrashed forcibly evicted from his home, Sikh

    Pakistan's Sikh Police Officer Thrashed, Forcibly Evicted from His Home 2018-07-11 11:03:21

    Pakistan's first Sikh police officer has claimed that he was forcibly expelled from his home along with his children and spouse, following a property conflict with the government. Gulab Singh Shaheen, in a video shared on Facebook, said that yesterday...

    Keywords: Gulab Singh Shaheen, Pakistan, Pakistan, Police Officer

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    Bombing, Suicide Bombing, afghanistan sikhs departs for india after suicide bombing, Sikh

    Afghanistan Sikhs Departs for India after Suicide Bombing 2018-07-02 12:15:55

    Several among Afghanistan's dwindling Sikh minority are considering departing for neighboring India after a suicide bombing in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday killed nearly 13 members of the community.The victims of the attack claimed by militant group Islamic...

    Keywords: India, Sikhs, Afghanistan, Suicide

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    Afghan Sikhs, Afghan Sikhs, indian american foundation mourns death of afghan sikhs hindus after suicide bombing, Sikh

    Indian-American Foundation Mourns Death of Afghan Sikhs, Hindus after Suicide Bombing 2018-07-03 04:06:01

    The Hindu American Foundation, an advocacy organization in the United States grieve the death of Sikhs and Hindus, that killed 19 and wounded at least 20 others, which as well includes some of the salient leaders, in a suicide bomb...

    Keywords: Afghan Sikhs, Afghan Sikhs, Sikhs, Suicide Bombing

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    Illegal Indian Immigrants, U.S. Jail, illegal indian immigrants treated as criminals in u s jail legal advocacy groups, Sikh

    Illegal Indian Immigrants Treated as Criminals in U.S. Jail: Legal Advocacy Groups 2018-07-17 06:42:54

    The asylum seekers of over 50 illegal Indian immigrants in the United States fearing religious and political ill-treatment back home are being treated like criminals in an Oregon federal prison where they have been confined for the past several weeks...

    Keywords: Illegal, Indian asylum seekers, U.S. Jail, Illegal Indian Immigrants

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    Indian, U.S., indian detainees in u s not handcuffed says legal aid volunteer, Sikh

    Indian Detainees in U.S. Not Handcuffed, Says Legal Aid Volunteer 2018-07-21 06:54:58

    Over 50 Indian nationals, for the most part, Sikhs from Punjab, confined in a prison house in the United States state of Oregon after illicitly entering the country are not being manacled, a legal advocacy group volunteer said on Friday.According...

    Keywords: Indian, Indian Detainees, Indian, Oregon

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    Oregon, Detainees, hundreds gather in oregon detention center seeking access to detainees, Sikh

    Hundreds Gather in Oregon Detention Center Seeking Access to Detainees 2018-06-26 12:09:37

    Hundreds of people gathered outside the federal prison in Sheridan on Sunday for an interfaith prayer where 52 Indians are among those detained for alleged illegal entry into the United States. As 'zero tolerance' policy initiated by U.S. President Donald...

    Keywords: Detention Center, Oregon, Detention Center, Detention Center

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