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  • asian pacific islander domestic violence, south asians in united states, indian authors book on domestic violence on south asians in u s, Relationship

    Indian Authors Book on Domestic Violence on South Asians in U.S. 2019-01-09 05:06:24

    As domestic violence among South Asian community in the United States is going up, an Indian American attorney Anu Peshawaria has authored a book on the issue based on her personal experience and interaction with women victims. The book titled...

    Keywords: Indian american attorney Anu Peshawaria, research on domestic violence, Anu Peshawaria, book on domestic violence

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    NRI husbands cheating, how to marry nri guy, be sure of these things before marrying an nri, Relationship

    Be Sure of These Things Before Marrying an NRI 2019-01-17 12:19:35

    Are you getting married to an NRI or someone living overseas? In that case be sure to be clear about each and every before the nuptials.Since scores of families or men are moving abroad for better opportunities or lifestyle, a...

    Keywords: nri marriages, tips for marrying nri, what r the documents needed to verify nri groom, nri marriage registration procedure

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    most common complaints about husbands, married men, 5 most common complaints married men have about marriage, Relationship

    5 Most Common Complaints Married Men Have About Marriage 2019-01-09 04:40:50

    People basically tend to have inordinate prospects on marital life, in addition, expects to meet the one who makes it laidback to dissolve misgivings and walk down the aisle to take the vow that ushers them into a world of...

    Keywords: biggest complaints of unhappy husbands, married men in marriage, complaints married men have about marriage, men's thoughts on marriage

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    americans learning hindi, bollywood in america, indian culture bollywood attract americans says study, Relationship

    Indian Culture, Bollywood Attract Americans, Says Study 2019-01-09 08:41:01

    Maybe quite a lot Indians are detaching themselves to Indian culture and Bollywood feature films, but then it is found that a growing number of Americans are showing keenness to the Indian way of life and foreigners to learn Hindi...

    Keywords: bollywood movies attract americans, Indian, why am i attracted to indian guys, culture of india

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    shyamala gopalan harris obituary, kamala harris parents, my mom was superhero says kamala harris in her book, Relationship

    "My Mom Was Superhero", Says Kamala Harris in Her Book 2019-01-11 06:08:52

    An Indian American Senator Kamala Harris, who is likely to announce 2020 presidential bid soon has credited her "superhero" mother for instilling in her the sense of responsibility that motivates her political career. The first Indian origin Senator in the...

    Keywords: The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, kamala harris book, mom, kamala harris life

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    being too independent in a relationship, how to regain independence in a relationship, 9 ways to stay independent in committed relationship, Relationship

    9 Ways to Stay Independent in Committed Relationship 2019-01-05 11:06:25

    The thought of being in a committed relationship concurrently independent is something every woman believes is beyond the bounds of possibility. If you are under the same impression, then certainly, you are utterly mistaken since you can be an exciting...

    Keywords: independent relationship meaning, being independent in committed relationship, independent relationship meaning, being too independent in a relationship

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