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  • outfit for women on graduation day, graduation day dress in india, female students wearing sexy outfits on graduation day perceived less capable study finds, Psychology

    Female Students Wearing Sexy Outfits on Graduation Day perceived Less Capable, Study Finds 2019-03-23 12:02:00

    A recent study has found that female graduates who wear sexy clothes on their graduation day are likely to be less capable than female graduates who dress professionally by their counterparts. Female graduates who dress sexily at their graduation were...

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    gossiping, why is gossip good, people spend average of 52 minutes a day gossiping study, Psychology

    People Spend Average of 52 Minutes a Day Gossiping: Study 2019-05-06 05:57:06

    Who doesn’t love gossiping? Gossiping can actually lower stress, stop the exploitation of others, and monitor others’ bad behavior, according to findings of the study back in 2012. However, a recent study found that people engage in gossiping for 52...

    Keywords: why do people gossip, studies on gossiping, gossiping, women gossips

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    sleep disorders treatment, eating in sleep, taylor swift reveals she eats in her sleep know about this sleep related eating disorder, Psychology

    Taylor Swift Reveals She Eats in Her Sleep: Know about This Sleep-Related Eating Disorder 2019-05-16 10:45:44

    Taylor Swift was on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ for the first time in four years to promote her new single “ME!” and the episode concluded with the famous "Burning Questions" segment where Ellen asks some really amazing and personal questions...

    Keywords: sleep disorders treatment, sleeping disorders, sleep disorders treatment, list of sleep disorders

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    red color makes person look confident, red color makes person look confident, color red makes you appear more attractive and confident reveals science, Psychology

    Color Red Makes You Appear More Attractive and Confident, Reveals Science 2019-04-09 07:11:18

    Do you always find bright colors appealing to pick up when shopping? Yes right? And it is exactly this that so many brands take advantage of when marketing their products. According to science, color can often be the only reason...

    Keywords: red look attractive, is red lipstick attractive, the girl with red is attractive, why do guys like red

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    sexless marriage quiz, sex, how to fix a sexless marriage, Psychology

    How to Fix a Sexless Marriage 2019-06-08 11:51:34

    A study by the University of Toronto found that sex once a week leads to a more intimate and loving marriage. However, any less than once a week or so led to a significant decline in marital happiness.Shockingly, about 20-30 percent...

    Keywords: reasons for sexless marriage, coping with a sexless marriage, fix sexless marriage, sexless marriage

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    faking a smile, faking a smile at workplace, faking a smile at work makes you drink more after hours suggests study, Psychology

    Faking a Smile at Work Makes You Drink More After Hours, Suggests Study 2019-05-28 09:34:40

    It is difficult to maintain a cordial relationship with every colleague at work. Sometimes we have to fake our smile since we cannot always show our actual emotions at the workplace. But, a study found that faking a smile at...

    Keywords: fake smile name, faking a smile, faking a smile at work, fake smile test

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