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  • Mango, Export, nipah effect mango growers in karnataka faces tough time in export, Nipah virus

    Nipah Effect: Mango Growers in Karnataka Faces Tough Time in Export 2018-06-12 11:01:56

    Mango growers in Karnataka, are facing a hard-bitten time as the exporting business has hit due to Nipah virus panic.This year, growers were looking to reap a good bounty by exporting their mango crops and more mangoes to different foreign...

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    symptoms of Nipha virus, Nipha Virus effects, nipah virus alerts hyderabad with symptoms from two suspected victims, Nipah virus

    Nipah Virus Alerts Hyderabad with symptoms from two suspected Victims 2018-05-25 12:20:40

    Two people with suspected cases of Nipah virus got admitted in to the hospitals of Hyderabad.  One patient, who recently travelled to Kerala on a tour were isolated and is admitted to Fever hospital in Nallakunta.Samples of both the patients...

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    Nipah virus in kerala, Nipah virus in kerala, nipah virus kills at least three in india sparks alert, Nipah virus

    Nipah Virus Kills At least Three In India, Sparks Alert 2018-05-22 14:37:30

    A venomous virus which is spreading mainly by creatures of fruit bats resulting to the death of least three people has killed at least of three people in the southern part of India, the medical alert has now sparked  emergency...

    Keywords: Nipah virus, Nipah virus in kerala, Nipah virus in kerala, Nipah virus

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