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  • Indian IT professionals in united states, h1b changes 2019, h 1b visa changes to bring relief to indian it professionals, Nielsen

    H-1B Visa Changes to Bring Relief to Indian IT Professionals 2019-01-12 05:36:36

    In a much relief to Indian IT professionals in the United States, president Donald Trump on Friday assured H-1B visa holders that his administration will soon bring changes that will give them certainty to stay in America and a "potential...

    Keywords: trump administration, h 1b lottery change, DACA, h1b holders

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    , , 65 u s universities oppose trump s visa changes for foreign students, Nielsen

    65 U.S. Universities Oppose Trump's Visa Changes for Foreign Students 2018-12-24 09:25:43

    About 65 top universities in the United States, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, have challenged the Trump administration in a court against its new rigorous visa policy for foreign students, warning that the new 'backdating' rule will have...

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    Nielsen, Fox News, over 20 million americans glued to kavanaugh hearing telecasts, Nielsen

    Over 20 Million Americans Glued to Kavanaugh Hearing Telecasts 2018-09-29 06:41:17

    The high-stakes Senate hearing on the United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stock-still American television viewers with nearly 20.4 million people tuning in on six broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen data released on Friday.The large number for...

    Keywords: Brett Kavanaugh, Nielsen data, Fox News, Brett Kavanaugh

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    h1b visa 2019, US companies, h 1b visas should attract best talent u s homeland secretary, Nielsen

    H-1B Visas Should Attract Best Talent: U.S. Homeland Secretary 2018-12-21 07:17:06

    The Trump administration has said the United States should select the "very best" among the applicants under the H-1B visas, vowing to intensify efforts to ensure that these work visas, the most sought by Indian Information Technology (IT) professionals, do...

    Keywords: h1b visa wiki, h1b visa 2019, hib visa uscis, H1B visa requirements

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    Indian companies, companies, u s lobby group restates indian it s h 1b worries, Nielsen

    U.S. Lobby Group Restates Indian IT's H-1B Worries 2018-11-10 05:58:26

    Compete America, a lobby group supported by American technology firms including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, has written to the United States government complaining over the high level of rejections in H-1B visa applications, in a move likely to provide a...

    Keywords: United States, United States, H1B visa, US

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    CNN town hall, Kamal Senator in CNN, kamala harris s town hall sets records got highest ratings, Nielsen

    Kamala Harris’s Town Hall Sets Records, Got Highest Ratings 2019-01-30 08:45:55

    According to the Network, Indian-orgin Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris’s Town hall on CNN got network its highest ratings ever on such event on single candidate. Kamla Harris,54, First time senator from California announced her bid for presidency last week The...

    Keywords: Kamal Senator in CNN, Kamala Harris, 2020 presidential election, 2020 presidential election

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