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  • May Day Celebrations, 8 Hours work, may day doodle on google great, Google doodle

    May Day Doodle on Google - Great! 2015-05-01 04:12:03

    Search Engine giant Google has been honouring the spirit of May Day by posting animated pictures of labour equipments on its page. It seems Google decided to celebrate the specialty of the day by creating this special doodle for accomplishing...

    Keywords: Google Doodle, Google on Labour Day, International Workers day, Labour Rights

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    Labor Day in United States, Labor Day, americans observe labor day across u s, Google doodle

    Americans Observe Labor Day Across U.S. 2018-09-04 05:39:58

    The United States is observing Labor Day, a day set aside to honor United States workers and their part to the country's economy.In the 1880's, there was a push to acknowledge the U.S. worker, who back then was probably to...

    Keywords: U.S. Labor Day 2018, U.S. Labor Day 2018, Labor Day in United States, U.S. Labor Day

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    Achille-Claude Debussy, Claude Debussy 151 birthday, now google doodles debussy, Google doodle

    Now Google doodles Debussy! 2013-08-22 07:00:23

    Did you notice today's dramatic and impressionistic Google doodle? The melodious doodle, which trails the journey of two lovers in a full moon night,  is apparently a musical tribute to French composer Achille-Claude Debussy who  turns 151 today. Dubbed as...

    Keywords: Now Google doodles Debussy, Now Google doodles Debussy, Google doodle, Google doodle

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    Google Doodle, Mary G. Ross, google doodle celebrates mary g ross first native american female engineer, Google doodle

    Google Doodle Celebrates Mary G. Ross, First Native American Female Engineer 2018-08-09 12:00:24

    Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 110th birthday of Mary G. Ross, who was the first Native American female engineer.She was most well known for her work on interplanetary space travel, manned and unmanned earth-orbiting flights, and orbiting satellites.The Google Doodle...

    Keywords: Google Doodle, Thursday's Google Doodle, Mary G. Ross, Google Doodle

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    Lester Wire, Google Doodle, 101 years of traffic signal, Google doodle

    101 Years Of Traffic Signal 2015-08-05 06:12:54

    When was the first traffic light installed? It was an American policeman named Lester Wire, in Utah, who has first developed an electric traffic light in 1912 and used the red-green lights. The American Traffic Signal Company installed a traffic...

    Keywords: Google Doodle, Lester Wire, Lester Wire, Lester Wire

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    Google, Google doodle, google s doodle celebrates women s day, Google doodle

    Google’s Doodle celebrates Women’s day 2017-03-08 04:57:40

    Google’s Doodles always bring smiles on our faces, the tech giant never fails to embrace cultures across the world, let it be an international festival or a regional one. In the Google’s latest doodle the company has given a tribute...

    Keywords: Google, Women’s day, Google's Doodle celebrates Women’s day, Google's Doodle celebrates Women’s day

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