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  • St. Joseph’s Boys High School, St. Joseph’s Boys High School, rahul dravid recollects memories in his school, Friendships

    Rahul Dravid recollects memories in his school 2015-09-07 05:09:43

    When Rahul Dravid has set his foot in the premises of his school, St. Joseph’s Boys High School, on Saturday, he proudly saw himself as an old boy of the school. Dravid visited his school for the inauguration of Loyola...

    Keywords: St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Rahul Dravid, St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Rahul Dravid

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    Falling for my best friend’s boy friend, What should I do if I fall for my Best friend’s partner, oops falling for your best friend s partner, Friendships

    Oops!! Falling for your best friend’s partner? 2016-09-29 07:54:00

    Many of you might have gone through this situation when your best friend's boyfriend started hitting on you. As a result, you either have fallen for your best friend's boyfriend or vice versa, which in return, ruined the relationship with...

    Keywords: Falling for my best friend’s boy friend, Falling for my best friend’s boy friend, Feeling crush on best friend’s boyfriend, Falling for my best friend’s boy friend

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    relationships, luxurious life study, showy status symbols may repel people from befriending you, Friendships

    Showy Status Symbols May Repel People from Befriending You 2018-08-20 06:55:47

    When it comes to making new friends, luxurious status symbols like luxury cars, attires and timepieces could be getting in the way.That's the inference of a novel study which says that status symbols, in fact deter individuals from making friends...

    Keywords: friendships, Showy Status Symbols, luxurious life and friendships, psychology

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    how to maintain friendship, maintain friendship, how to maintain friendship, Friendships

    How To Maintain Friendship? 2015-07-29 11:19:22

    Having friends of all ages and both sexes is a definite boon. The most important part of a healthy friendship is the knack of retaining friends. On the contrary not many of us have many friends in our lives. If...

    Keywords: friends, friendship, friendship, friends

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    Signs of Friendship, Signs of Friendship, few signs of true friendship, Friendships

    Few Signs of true friendship 2016-06-20 13:50:10

    Friends are an integral part of our life. But friendships are not only about going for some outing or planning for a movie or dinner, its about sharing and caring as well. Some friends come in our life, join the...

    Keywords: True Friendship, True Friendship, True Friendship, True Friendship

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    Mahera Omar, Mahera Omar, pak filmmaker wins award but denied visa to india to collect it, Friendships

    Pak Filmmaker Wins Award but Denied Visa to India to Collect it 2018-10-26 08:45:34

    Mahera Omar, a filmmaker and co-founder/director of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has come to New Delhi was when a friend sent her the picture of a crowded hall on WhatsApp. Omar won the award for the best documentary for 'The...

    Keywords: Omar, Pakistani, Pakistan filmmakers, Pakistan filmmakers

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