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  • Donald Trump, Donald Trump, india might lose withdrawal of zero tariffs under u s trade concession, Export

    India Might Lose Withdrawal Of Zero Tariffs Under U.S Trade Concession 2019-02-08 13:26:15

    Recent reports suggest that there is a possibility for India to lose its vital United States trade concession under which it got to enjoy zero tariff charges on around $5.6 billion exports to the United States of America. The same...

    Keywords: Flipkart, Reliance, Amazon, Trade

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    export, Indian god idols, indian govt allows conditional export of gold idols, Export

    Indian Govt. Allows Conditional Export of Gold Idols 2018-12-05 10:28:05

    The Indian authorities will now allow a conditional export of gold idols made between eight and twenty-four carats, according to a notification released by the Union Ministry for Commerce & Industry. 'Caratage' measures the purity of gold alloyed with metals....

    Keywords: Indian gods, metals, idols, carat

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    deepika padukone husband, deepika padukone instagram, u s restaurant names dish after deepika padukone, Export

    U.S. Restaurant Names Dish After Deepika Padukone 2019-01-02 08:41:57

    Indian dish Dosa is without exception the most loved course now and a number of restaurants around the world are featuring the South Indian dish on their menus. With the growth in the number of Indian food restaurants in cities...

    Keywords: dosa labs, deepika padukone husband, deepika padukone movies, deepika padukone twitter

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    sushma swaraj, indian community near me, indian community changed india s perception across the world swaraj, Export

    Indian Community Changed India’s Perception Across the World: Swaraj 2019-01-21 10:06:17

    External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj on Monday lauding the contribution of Indian community worldwide said the community dramatically changed India's perception across the world while ensuring that the country's global stature keeps on rising.She noted that while the...

    Keywords: indian community in swansea, indian community in cardiff, diaspora, indian community near me

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    indian killed in new jersey, Indians in US, many indians victims of gun violence in u s are telangana descents, Export

    Many Indians Victims of Gun Violence in U.S. Are Telangana Descents 2019-01-09 07:20:50

    The Southern Indian state Telangana has turned out to be the top city across the world that sends aspiring engineers to the United States, but then, it has been both boon and bane for scores of families. On January 3,...

    Keywords: gun violence in india, anti immigrant rhetoric, Indian victims of gun violence in United States, Telangana Descents

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    types of economic empowerment, women's economic empowerment in india, u s govt announces women economic empowerment programs in india, Export

    U.S. Govt. Announces Women Economic Empowerment Programs in India 2019-02-08 10:17:27

    In a bid to economically empower 50 million women across the world, the Trump administration has announced that it will launch two projects in India in partnership with the private sector. The initiative will be led by the senior adviser...

    Keywords: women's economic empowerment in developing countries, women economic empowerment programs in India, US govt., women empowerment programs in India

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