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  • Indian-origin news, Indian-origin wins Sweep National Brain Bee, indian origin teens sweep national brain bee championship, Cnn

    Indian-origin teens Sweep National Brain Bee Championship 2017-03-28 06:48:14

    Indian-origin teenagers in the United States have swept to victory this month at the National Brain Bee Championship, with Sojas Wagle, 15, a sophomore at Springdale’s Har-Ber High School in Arkansas declared the 2017 national champion of the three day...

    Keywords: Indian-origin news, Indian-origin teens Sweep National Brain Bee, Indian-origin wins Sweep National Brain Bee, Indian-origin news

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    Bharat Barai, Reza Aslan, indian americans condemns cnn for defaming hinduism, Cnn

    Indian-Americans condemns CNN for defaming Hinduism 2017-03-27 07:30:38

    Several hundreds of Indian-Americans have turned up at the CNN head office in downtown, Chicago, in order to protest against a documentary, which they portrayed defaming Hinduism. Bharat Barai, an eminent Indian-origin from Chicago, who attended the peaceful protest against...

    Keywords: Indian-Americans condemns CNN defaming Hinduism in a negative light, Bharat Barai, Chicago, Indian-Americans condemns CNN defaming Hinduism in a negative light

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    Uber, Artificial Intelligence, uber to come up with technology that detects drunk app user, Cnn

    Uber to Come Up with Technology that Detects Drunk App User 2018-06-13 08:42:52

    Uber, a peer-to-peer ride-sharing, taxi cab, food delivery, a transportation network company now wants to know how intoxicated or high the app user is, before taking a ride so that it can accordingly take a call. An application initially spotted...

    Keywords: Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Technology

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    Comedian roasts Donald Trump, Comedian roasts Donald Trump, indian origin hilariously roasts president trump at white house, Cnn

    Indian-origin hilariously roasts President Trump at White House 2017-05-01 06:03:10

    Given President Donald Trump’s reputation with the media, it was no surprise that he became the first United States President to skip the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner. So in his absence the honors for the evening went to an...

    Keywords: White House Correspondents’ dinner, Indian-origin roasts Donald Trump, Indian-origin roasts Donald Trump, Indian-origin roasts Donald Trump

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    Suneel Gupta, Indian American, indian american impact fund endorses suneel gupta, Cnn

    Indian American Impact Fund Endorses Suneel Gupta 2018-07-11 10:41:20

    The Indian American Impact Fund has endorsed Indian-origin entrepreneur Suneel Gupta, who is seeking to enter the United States House of Representatives from Michigan. "Having known Suneel for years, I know he has the passion and experience that will make him an extraordinary...

    Keywords: Suneel Gupta, Suneel Gupta, Indian American, Indian American

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    Indian Americans, Indian Americans, two indian americans all set to be recognized as cnn hero of the year 2017, Cnn

    Two Indian Americans All Set To Be Recognized As CNN Hero Of The Year 2017 2017-12-11 11:32:46

    WASHINGTON: Two Indian-Americans; Samir Lakhani from Pittsburg and Mona Patel from Texas are to be among the 10 finalists picked for the prestigious CNN Heroes of the Year award for 2017. Both of them have been actively involved in community...

    Keywords: Indian Americans, Indian Americans, Indian Americans, CNN Hero of the year

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