Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review
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    Jun, 15 2019


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  • Film : Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
  • Producer : Prasad V. Potluri
  • Director : Karan Johar
  • Star Cast : Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta
  • Music Director : Vishal Shekhar
Rating: 2.5/5

Imran Khan Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review and Rating

There is no denying that youthful romcoms are the order of the day. And Punit Malhotra's 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' is an attempt in that very direction. His new movie is candy floss at its best - it's fresh, frothy and romantic. The only problem is Punit's romcom is devoid of any love or laughter. It's drab, unconvincing and absolutely unimpressive. With this movie, it's clear that the former assistant of Karan Johar - Punit Malhotra has learned nothing from his previous dud 'I Hate Love Story'.

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  2/5Kareena shines..

Rich, spoilt Tamilian boy..

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The movie is all about Sriram Venkat (Imran Khan), a young architect and his struggle to win his love, Dia (Kareena Kapoor), a passionate, strong-headed, young activist from Delhi.While Sriram is a laidback chap, Dia is a go-getter, out to change the world. And that's where they clash.

Venkat's attraction towards Dia starts with physical and then gets emotional and eventually veers into complex territories resulting in a clash of ideologies and mindsets that drives them apart, bitterly.

Over time, Sriram realizes that he can't get over Dia. But Dia has moved on and is now in an obscure village in Gujarat called Jhumli. How far will Sriram go to win back his love? Will Sriram and Dia live “happily ever after”?

Analysis :

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Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is a half-baked attempt of director Punit Malhotra. Neither the cast nor the script has anything interesting to offer. It's pretty much lame in terms of screenplay and and direction.

The music is peppy and some of the songs have been choreographed well.

Performance :

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Imran Khan fits his role to the T as a posh angrez. Talking about his acting, well he only does three things in the movie – sleepwalks, use his eyebrows to emote or take to his RayBans to make up for his lack of performance.

Kareena Kapoor Khan as the feisty Dia Sharma crusades for every small thing. How she manages to fight for issues and still look million dollars is anybody’s guess. Possibly that’s why she thinks that building a bridge can put an end to a village’s problems for good.

Newbies Shraddha Kapoor and Esha Gupta are part of grander scheme of things, but their contributions go amiss in the messy affair.

Final Word:
Go if you have nothing else to do over the weekend. Giving it a skip too won't hurt.


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Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review


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