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  • Anxiety in women, Anxiety issues, things people will do with anxiety, Plea

    Things People Will Do With Anxiety 2023-09-12 09:27:47

    Here are a few things that we should know about what people suffering from anxiety do and how anxiety will be portrayed, that is it may come out as rude behaviour. Sweating, nervousness, stress and feeling drowsy are the most...

    Keywords: Anxiety, Therapist for Anxiety, Anxiety disorders, Anxiety concerns

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    Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire postponed, Salaar news, salaar makers statement on postponement, Plea

    Salaar Makers' Statement on Postponement 2023-09-13 09:49:40

    Prabhas’ Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire is now officially postponed. Salaar Part 1 was scheduled for September 28th release earlier. But, due to the delay in the final touches, the film's release has been postponed. Makers in their official statement asked...

    Keywords: Hombale Films Salaar, Salaar, Hombale Films Salaar, Salaar update

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    anti-depression side effects, Adolescent age problems, tips to help your depressed teen, Plea

    Tips To Help Your Depressed Teen 2023-10-10 08:50:33

    The adolescent age is the most cornered and worried age of a parent. Most of the time, parents listen to the words moody, withdrawn and down from their teenagers. Young people are often depressed even with their exams. But how...

    Keywords: Psychological therapy - Teenagers, Adolescent age, Depression symptoms, Depression in Teens

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    Maine Shooting pictures, Maine Shooting, maine shooting more than 22 dead in lewiston city, Plea

    Maine Shooting: More than 22 dead in Lewiston City 2023-10-26 09:34:24

    The gun culture has been impacting the citizens in USA badly. The episodes are reported on a weekly basis across the nation. In a shocking incident, more than 22 people have been gunned down in Lewiston City in Maine. As...

    Keywords: Maine Shooting videos, Lewiston City Shootings, Maine Shooting videos, Maine Shooting deaths

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    Olivier Sylvester, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, india suspends visa services in canada, Plea

    India suspends Visa Services in Canada 2023-09-21 06:48:21

    The Indian government has suspended the visa services in Canada on the name of operational reasons. The move has come after tensions came out between India and Canada. The tensions started after the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar....

    Keywords: Hardeep Singh Nijjar video, Justin Trudeau, Hardeep Singh Nijjar death, Hardeep Singh Nijjar

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    IMDb list of Actors 2023 breaking news, IMDb list of Actors 2023 new updates, imdb 2023 list of actors shah rukh khan on the top, Plea

    IMDb 2023 list of Actors: Shah Rukh Khan on the Top 2023-11-22 08:25:41

    Shah Rukh Khan has secured the top spot on IMDb's annual list of the most popular Indian stars. Khan had a remarkable year, leading the way in two highly successful films, Jawan and Pathaan, both of which rank among the...

    Keywords: IMDb list of Actors 2023, IMDb list of Actors 2023 list, IMDb list of Actors 2023 top ten, Shah Rukh Khan

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