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November 26, 2019 06:36
Celebrating Festival of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for us Americans. The word brings memories of family reunions, with an ideal amount of food to eat along with our near and dear ones. The very first Thanksgiving in 1621 was held to celebrate a bountiful harvest with the local tribe and people, who helped make it possible. This day has become a ritual in all our lives and the enthusiasm of happiness could be felt with happy faces of your loved ones. Everybody in the family awakes for this exciting day, especially the children. It gives them happiness when they enjoy a delicious meal with their close cousins and friends. This is the time when you could see the kindness of the people, who rush to church to thank God and make donations of the turkeys for the less fortunate ones. This day also brings images of sitting together with families and friends and watching football games. I can already sense the sweet smell of pumpkin pie!

We do not know the origin of this festival of Thanksgiving Day, but whatever it may be, this celebration is of great enthusiasm and love. The negative side, I feel, is we sacrifice millions of birds for the reason we live in a society, who love and adore the animal life. But whatever it may be the best part of the celebration is the goodwill among the families for each other. We pray to God for the plenty of food and the helpfulness for the less fortunate people. Moreover, everybody gives food according to their own abilities. If you look at the social status of the USA, we feel bad that so many poor people exist in the world's richest country. I wish and pray for the day that nobody has to wait for good food from donations. Everybody will be able to prepare such a meal at home for their own families. I ask all my readers to join me for the best life for poor people.

Another part which most people agree with me is the use of highly intoxicating drinks. I wish and ask for you all to get rid of these kinds of drinks out of your menu on Thanksgiving day and the holy Christmas celebrations. This consumption of alcoholic drinks is not only bad for the person who drinks but it also leaves a bad impact on the children around you. I believe parents are the best teachers for their children and they are one of the biggest contributors to their children's character. Plus, this will also help save many lives on the road in these holidays.

Cigarette smoking is another bad part at the time of holy gathering of your loving relatives and I feel we should avoid it as much as possible.

I am thankful for our social system, who have made these days of holy celebrations which puts a real big enthusiasm and happiness in our lives. At the time of celebrations of this day, you see happy and smiling faces of your dear ones around you are the best thing you can ever see. Let us make together this day of celebration, merrymaking, feasting and thanking God for whatever we been blessed within our lives.

Thanksgiving is a festival of merrymaking, happiness; having over family and friends and thanking God. Please do not forget to include your old parents. You can donate food for those, who are a little less fortunate and always look forward to having a meal. Let's also take a minute to pray for those who are fighting for the world peace and a minute of silence for those innocent people who lost their lives.

By Sudesh Abrol

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