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November 26, 2011 08:12
Interview with Hero Nikhil


Though there were three other main leads in ‘Happy Days’ the role played by Nikhil as Rajesh was declared one of the highlights of the film. infact, Nikhil was the only hero apart from VarunSandhesh who is still in demand in T – Town. His latest release ‘Veedu – Theda’ has been getting mixed reviews. Andhrawishesh team met this Actor, who spoke about the situations and the journey that led to ‘Veedu – Theda’, and much more…

About the title

Veedu-Theda-innger1In one of the recent interviews, my director Chinni Krishna has said he got the inspiration to the title after seeing me (laughs). Probably, this could be true. Once it so happened that during the shooting of the film, I have promised my director that I would be there at location by 5 am, but ended up landing at 7 am, so may be with these kinds of actions of mine, director might have got a thought for this title. Even during the Audio function of the film, he said he generally has a habit of writing the characters, but he has found a character like me (laughs). After seeing the film, you would understand how apt the title is for my character and in turn the film.

Does Nikhil relates with the title or the role

Oh! Definitely not. Please don’t categorize me as one peculiar character in real life by seeing my reel life appearance. ‘Veedu – Theda’ is a film that revolves around a guy who believes in doing all the regular things different. We have tried showing the same in the posters of the film as well. As a part of the film, I have worked with close to 40 comedy artists in the film and throughout the film, I would be becoming a pain to all the other roles. May be this could be the reason for the title or as I said earlier, might be my director has sensed the difference in me from others and kept the title. And I am not a massy person at all. I am like you, normal, fun living person. It is just that the kind of image I am carrying right from my first film ‘Happy days’ and the type of roles I am playing make me a massy hero.

Veedu – Theda’ a film for mass audience – Nikhil’s comment

Well, when one of my successful films ‘Yuvatha’ released, initially seeing the title of the film, for the first three weeks there were younger crowd coming to the theaters. But, from the third week onwards I have seen more family audience coming to watch the film. it is just that initially for some weeks people would consider the jorner of the film with the title. But, once the publicity spreads and people are convinced to believe there is content in the film, then for sure not only youth, but even family audience would come to the theaters to watch the film. Moreover, ‘Veedu – Theda’ is more or less like a marriage and a comedy entertainer. So, who does not love to watch comedy?

Out of the entire unit, who is ‘Theda’ for Nikhil?

Veedu-Theda-innger2Okay, I would say my director Chinni Krishna (laughs). It is not that I am taking his name for the heck of it. It is just because I have not seen a multi-talented person like him. He is the same person who has entertained us by enacting a role of a warden in the film ‘KottaBangaruLokam’. He is an actor, writer, dialogue writer, dance master and what not. Moreover, he is a most admirable by director V.V. Vinayak. During the Audio release function, V.V. Vinayak has wished Chinni Krishna to be as successful as him. What more compliment than this can be?

Reason for accepting the film

Totally, my director. He has a skill of narrating the story in a most interesting way and depicting the same on screen without fail. As a actor I have done many films out of which many were not so successful. Then I have learnt to be very careful while choosing the scripts. In this scenario, I have met Chinni Krishna who narrated the story for 2 and a half hours and believe me I was laughing and doing nothing all this time. I mean to say, I found the story so entertaining and trusted on the film to be a success, and the director a person with utmost knowledge. All these put together made me accept ‘Veedu – Theda’.

Experience after watching the film

I just wanted to celebrate that moment with the bottle of Champaign. So I did with the entire team members of the film. Certain sequences handled by the director where so matured that they were far better when compared to the story narrated. The entire film was like complete meals for me. I am so happy to do this film and move a step ahead as an Actor. with this success, I wish many more offers to act in good films under some well known directors would for sure come my way.

About that ‘Drunk and Drive’ issue

Veedu-Theda-innger3As I said you, I had celebrated that evening with the entire team members of the film and had two sips of Champaign. On my way home, there was a security check that was going on and at this time I was being accused by the Police for being drunk. What I suggest is, be it a sip or a two, drink and drive is always not safe. I consider this mistake as learning and hereafter would be more responsible as a person and as a actor as well.

Andhrawishesh team wishes aall the very best to this young Actor!

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