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'I DO NOT REACT TO GOSSIPS' - Says Kajal June 20, 2011 07:24

She made her entry into films as a Character Artist, in a B – Town film, ‘Kyon.. Hogaya Na’, then made her full fledged as a Heroine in T – Town with Teja’s Directorial ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam’, opposite Kalyan Ram. Her amazing looks, her acting skills, her expressive eyes, made her get many films inspite of her first film, did not fare well at the box office. The Actress who has become Number One in T – Town today, will be soon making her B – Town debut, opposite Ajay Devgan, in ‘Singham’. Heroine Kajal Agarwal celebrated her 26th Birthday on 19th June. Andhrawishesh team had a quick chat with the Heroine. Here is the minutes of the chat for you; AW: Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Kajal: Thank You.. AW: So, what is the Birthday Special? Kajal: well, celebrating my Birthday with my family and some close friends. I am not a party animal. I like to keep my life simple. AW: How is about your career? Kajal: well, you are witnessing it. Since my first film, till my latest release ‘Mr. Perfect’, I have had some very fantastic films to do. In today’s cinema, where Heroes are only given priority, almost every role I have done was given equal importance to that of a Hero. This is a very motivating factor. I am looking forward for my B – Town Debut as well, with the film ‘Singham’, I am acting opposite Ajay Devgan in this film. I am glad that many B – Town film makers are coming to me, offering me roles in their films too, but, nothing has been finalized yet, as I will be busy completing ‘Dhada’ with Naga Chaitanya, soon, will be teaming up with Mahesh Babu in Puri’s ‘Businessman’, and a Tamil film opposite Hero Surya. I am more than excited with about films this year. AW: But, we have come to know that you are not acting in ‘Busineesman’? Kajal: with whom you have come to know this? As far as I know, neither the film makers, nor I have confirmed this news, then how can this be the truth? It is a complete rumor and nothing else. I am more than excited that I am paired opposite Mahesh. It has been my longtime dream to act opposite him. Finally, I am a part of the crazy combination of Puri Jagannath and Mahesh Babu. AW: How do you react to the rumors linking you and Prabhas? Kajal: Oh! Please don’t ask me. The Media has made Prabhas propose to me, I being his girl friend, he talking about our so called relationship and marriage with their parents, and we both splitting up. Look what rumors can do. They can create a story that is more interesting than a film’s story. Let me make things clear. I am not seeing anyone. Atleast for next five years, marriage is not on the cards. AW: How to you react being No.1 in this industry? Kajal: I have never believed in Number game. Neither will believe this. I am here to do some quality work and get recognized for my performance. Today, I am getting offers, so I have been considering as a Number One. Tomorrow, if film makers find more better actress than me, then she will be Number One. There is no big deal about this. AW: How much do you support as a sister, in your younger sister Nisha’s career? Kajal: Nisha is independent enough to take her own decisions. Nisha is moving in this industry with her own set of roles. I and my family support her. Nisha is working in a very good role opposite Nara Rohit in ‘Solo’. Even she will have a promising career in near future. AW: before we wind up, what is your Birthday resolution? Kajal: I do not believe in resolutions. I believe in living this moment and enjoying each and every second in my work.With this, the quick chat was complete and the actress resumed for her work again. Andhrawishesh team wishes the Actress a Very Happy Birthday and a very prosperous year ahead.

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“My Entire life is associated with Cinema” Senior Actress Geethanjali June 13, 2011 05:07

She was a Heroine, Character Artist, she made people laugh with her comedy, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malyalam, and she acted in almost 400+ movies and still acting. Debut Directors Chandrashekar’s ‘Chandamama Katha’, released Two weeks ago, Starring Hero Allari Naresh, Senior Actress Geetanjali and rest of the well noted artists acted in this film. I had an opportunity to meet the Actress, listen to her lifetime experiences, her view about ‘Chandamama Katha’, and yes, it was a lifetime experience to me too. Before meeting Geetanjali, I was in a second thought that she is a Senior Artist, but, how it would be speaking to her now, and so on. Once I met her, my ideology about the Senior Artists Have changed to Positive. I am sharing some chit chat with you; AW: Hello MamGeetanjali: (Smiles) Hello. AW: share your experience working in ‘Chandamama Katha’.Geetanjali: every person, who loves the stories told by his/her grandmother, will definitely love ‘Chandamama Katha’. Even though the film is directed by a New Director, Chandrasekhar, who is also a producer of the film, you would never feel that the film is made by a newcomer. I am feeling very happy to be associated with the film. chandamama Katha will surely take you back to your child hood memories. The film is a journey of a life time. AW: Mam, I want you to tell me about your all these experience of being associated with the films.Geetanjali: cinema is my daily routine. I have acted in 400+ films in all the south Indian languages. I did not categorize myself as a Heroine only. I wanted to be recognized as a Artist. And today, I have succeeded. There was a time when I used to work almost every day, at a time in three different films in three different languages. My father’s support brought me all the name I have earned today. he taught me only to work and nothing else. I am following the same till date.I am lucky to work with Legends of Indian Cinema such as N.T.R, A.N.R, Shivaji Ganesan, Rajkumar and a young Hero like Allari Naresh too. AW: How is it working with, Allari Naresh?Geetanjali: Naresh is a very nice Human Being. He is only concerned about his work, acting skills and nothing else. He is very professional as a Actor. Industry needs more talented Heroes like Naresh. AW: Finally, About the Director of the film?Geetanjali: Chandrashekar’s one good quality is his patience. He extracts the maximum out of the artist with the same patience.  AW: Finally, to our readers.Geetanjali: please do watch ‘Chandamama Katha’, Small film need to survive in order to the Industry to survive. ith this the Artist resumed to her shot, and I came back learning a fact that, a true artist never retires from acting.

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‘I never run Behind Awards’-Says Neelakanta June 27, 2011 06:03

To my fortune, I have met one such Personality, who knows what are films, despite achieving extreme recognition with National Award, he is so down to earth, after speaking to him for a while, I have learnt how choosy he is about which film to make. He is none other than, Award winning Director Neelakanta.  The pleasure is all mine in sharing my chat with him; AW: So, How is everything going Sir? Neelakanta: All fine. Working on my upcoming ‘Virodhi’, Starring Srikanth and Kamalini Mukherjee. AW: after Mr. Medhavi, you did not direct any other film. Any reason as such? Neelakanta: no reason in particular. Not many interesting projects have come up. After ‘Misamma’, there was no success for me. Let us talk the truth, no one would be interested in working with a director, whose films are not minimum guarantee success. And like any other Director, I cannot make any project, just to achieve commercial success. So, I had to wait all these years. AW: Then how did ‘Virodhi’ happen? Neelakanta: I wished to make a film, those talks about the burning issue in the society today. This led me towards writing a script. In this process I have met Hero Srikanth, narrated the script to him, and finally ‘Virodhi’, went on – location, Anil, brother of Srikanth, producing the film. AW: Why only Srikanth? The film seems to be a Action flick by seeing the trailers and Srikanth is a family Hero turned Action Hero? Neelakanta: at first, I would only look at the Story and choose all the characters as per the personalities of the story. As per ‘Virodhi’ film, Srikanth was the only person whom I can look upto, so I chose Srikanth, to act in the film. Same as in the case of Heroine of the film Kamalini Mukherjee and for that matter all the other characters. AW: All your films have equal importance to your Heroines. What about in ‘Virodhi’? Neelakanta: definitely. Even in ‘Virodhi’, the female lead role of the film, Kamalini Mukherjee has a very significant role to play. Disclosing anything more about the film as of now would be too earlier. AW: Well, about other Technicians of the film? Neelakanta: as far as Music is concerned, R.P. Ptnaik has given some extra ordinary scores that would best suite the film. I am also very happy to work with, Ram Chandra, who is a Award Winning Cinematographer, taking care of the Camera work of ‘Virodhi’. It is like; I am back in the industry with the bang, with ‘Virodhi’. I am looking forward to entertain the audience with ‘Virodhi’. AW: What are your upcoming projects Sir? Neelakanta: Well, nothing has been finalized yet. Let my film, ‘Virodhi’, to be released soon. The upcoming projects will come their way. AW: Why Sir, Just like your first two films, ‘Show’ and ‘Missamma’, are you waiting to bag an award with ‘Virodhi’ also? Neelakanta: I have never gone back of awards. I was only passionate about Movies and nothing else. If my film manages to entertain the audience, that is more than enough. Infact, that itself is a big award for me. I hope, people accept ‘Virodhi’. With this I took a leave from the Director. I wish the Director could make a comeback with ‘Virodhi’, and sustain to make some more quality films.

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‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Movie that makes a ‘Difference’ May 27, 2011 13:18

Anil Gopi Reddy Director – Music Director of the film ‘Vykuntapaali’ releasing today, Anil Gopi Reddy talks to Andhrawishesh team about ‘Vykuntapaali’, the starcast and his contribution to the film; AW: So, how do you feel about your first film as a Director being released today? Anil: oh! Please don’t ask me. Only I know how nervous I am feeling. Someone said it right, a film for a Director is like a Baby for a Mother. My baby is ready to come out today. (Laughs) AW: How did ‘Vykuntapaali’ happen? Anil: though I was a Music Director by Profession and worked with many Music Directors, being a Director has always been my passion. Infact, the story of ‘Vykuntapaali’ came out of that passion itself. I did not want to make any other regular film. I want people to think, after seeing my film. I want to pass on a message to the society with my film. This made me to write a script like ‘Vykuntapaali’. After I was all prepared with the script, it was no one else more than I could connect to the film. And this made me to compose even the Music scores of the film. AW: Tell us about the Star cast? Anil: well, I first approached Ranadheer (Happy Days fame) with the story. He really got impressed and introduced me to his friends Bhuvaneshwar Marem and Satya Deep Reddy, who later turned out to be the producers of the film. Apart from Ranadheer, Krishnudu, Ajay and Tashu Kaushik play the lead roles in the film. I approached Tashu to act in the film, through a social networking site. ‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Team effort. AW: A single female lead and three male leads. Opposite whom would Tashu Kaushik be seen in the film? Anil: I can’t reveal this. But, I can say, ‘Vykuntapaali’ is a message oriented film. The story revolves around three guys who have their own Idea of leading their lives. Now, who would succeed amongst the three and who is a failure and why, has to be seen on Silver Screen today. Even Tashu has a very prominent role to be played in the film. AW: you are a Director and Music Director of the film. Was it difficult to manage two tasks at a time? Anil: I infact wanted to produce the film, apart from Directing and composing music. I feel stories like ‘Vykuntapaali’ that are not regular, are a bit risky from a producer’s perspective. So, I wanted to take the risk. But, my friend Ranadheer suggested me to concentrate only on making the film a best one. He and his friends took the responsibility of the entire production. AW: the film is releasing today. How do you think the Audience will accept this? Anil: I would urge the audience to come to watch ‘Vykuntapaali’, absolutely with no expectations. Trust me the audience amount invested in watching a good film will not be wasted. I would like to mention one thing here. When well noted editor Marthand K. Venkatesh (who is a Editor for ‘Vykuntapaali’ also) was editing the film, he just looked at me and said ‘As a Director you have succeeded. Now, how the audience will receive this film, you completely leave this on the audience itself’. I consider this to be one of the biggest compliments of my life. AW: Anything else you want to convey to our readers? Anil: I would urge all the readers to stop encouraging piracy. It is nothing but killing the entire film Industry. If you have to watch ‘Vykuntapaali’, watch it in the theater with your family. We promise, the film is a 100% paisa vasool. With this the Director resumed to watch the Morning show of ‘Vykuntapaali’ in theater. I have come back to share this chat with you. After watching the film, I will be back again to give a review of ‘Vykuntapaali’. Hope the film would be a Paisa Vasool.

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I had a Big Argument with Dil Raju May 18, 2011 14:40

He is a Hot cake for Telugu and Tamil film Industries. Right from the Director, to Heroes, to Producers wants him to be a part of their films. His calendar for the Entire year of 2011 is filled with films. He is none other than most wanted Music Director Thaman.S, while he just took a small break from his re recording work for his upcoming film ‘Vyshali’. Catch a quick chit chat with Thaman. S that Andhra Wishesh Team Had.AW: Hi Thaman.Thaman: HeyAW: So, how’s life going on?Thaman: Hmmm, full of work. But yes, I am definitely enjoying it and have been waiting for this movement since the age of 8.AW: Since the age of 8? Please explain.Thaman: well, I have come to this Industry, when I was 8 years old. My first film was Nag starrer ‘Hello Brother’. I have joined as Koti Sir’s assistant with this film. My passion for music alone drove me towards the Industry, from then onwards, I have worked with legends like Manisharma Sir, Director Shankar Sir. In fact, while acting in the film ‘Boys’ I was more into composing tunes and making them listen to Shankar Sir. He has given me the first opportunity as a Music Director.AW: First opportunity?Thaman: Yes, ‘Vyshali’ is my first film as a Music Director. In Tamil the film is named as ‘Eeram’. Shankar Sir is the producer of the film. The film is directed by Shankar Sir’s assistant; Arivazhagan Venkatachalam is the director of the film. After this film, I got popular in both Tamil and Telugu Industries. AW: Tell us more about ‘Vyshali’ the film is going to be released on 27th of this month.Thaman: ‘Vyshali’ is not a feel good film. This is a film with lot of change over’s in it. It is Suspense – Horror film. I would request the audience to watch this film without any expectations. Then all of you will definitely like it and at least for a day after watching the film, all of you would stay calm. AW: If ‘Vyshali’ is a Horror – Suspense film, then why those two sensuous and romantic track in it?Thaman: well, I can’t reveal this now. But yes, all the songs in the film are definitely situation based.AW: You have been continuously composing music since your first film Jayeebhava. So, how do you plan for a change over from one film to another?Thaman: I don’t plan anything in particular. But yes, I would definitely keep in mind the story, the situation on which I am composing a song, and most important, the Body languages of the lead stars. Also, I would keep in mind that I am here to work for those film makers who give me money and ask me to make best of the music I can. So, you can see the output.AW: Tell us how your career graph was?Thaman: amazing. I feel lucky enough to be surrounded with so many good people. Everyone recognized my work and encouraged me with excellent opportunities. Right from Ravi teja to Nagarjuna I have composed music for many happening heroes in Tollywood. AW: We heard that, this year’s calendar of yours is full of new projects?Thaman: Oh, yes. As of now ‘Veera’ and ‘Vyshali’ are scheduled for release. I am composing for Mahesh’s ‘Dookudu’. I have also signed for Mahesh’s next ‘Businessman’ and some more films are under discussions. Apart from this I am doing some interesting projects on Kollywood too, one of them being ‘Dabanng’ remake, Starring Simbhu.AW: Tell us more about ‘Vyshali’.Thaman: I will share a incident with you. Vyshali is a dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Eeram’ that means water. When the discussions were going on about the film’s title in Telugu, I literally fought with Dil Raju Sir as I asked him to title the film, that meaning would sense water. But, in Telugu this was not possible, so he changed the name of the Heroine of the film to Vyshali and ended up putting the same title. And even the Hero Heroine, Aadi and Sindu Menon have given extra ordinary performance. It would be a excellent come back for Sindu menon.AW: Finally, what do you have to say about Music, Being a Music Director?Thaman: Music is a soul of everyone. It mesmerizes us, changes our mood, makes us dance, make us dream, and even heals our diseases. I personally can’t live without music.With this the Music Director resumed back to his work and we to upload this chat to you. But one thing I learnt from Thaman is, no matter how successful you are as a person, it is very important not to forget from where you have come.

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Sukumar latest Talk May 16, 2011 14:05

A Director of his own “logic”He is a Director, who has logic to every point he tells. Even audience also accepts this logic of him by making his every film a huge success. It could be One Side Love, guys aiming to become a Rowdy, My Love is Gone or proving ‘Infatuation’ as a True feeling that Love. All this is only possible to Director Sukumar. Andhra wishesh team had a quick chat with the ‘100% Love’ Director. Good see such a Big Director, with cool, calm and Down to earth nature. Here is some chit – chat for you too;AW: Hi Sir, congrats on the success of ‘100% Love’Sukumar: Thanks. Thank you very much.AW: So, tell us how did “100% Love” happen?Sukumar: I always liked the thought of a Boy and a girl studying together. Infact, when I was in my Intermediate, there were a Sister – Brother I know who used to sit and study together. With this point I have written ‘100% Love’. Since this is a film, instead of Brother – Sister, I have changed the relationship to ‘Baava – Maradalu’.AW: Every film of yours has a point in it. And Audience will also receive it most of the times. How to you feel about this?Sukumar: I feel happy. And as far as the point that I project in my films is concerned, it is nothing but my passion towards films, because of which I look at things from a Different perspective. Many times, it is a success and some times it is a failure. Before writing even a single dialogue, I only look at it from the Audience perspective. Because end of the day, the films are for audience.AW: Sir, these days, ‘Item Songs’ are like compulsory. Even in your films, right from Aarya to 100% Love every film has an Item song. Why Sir?Sukumar: I do not know about other Directors, but in my Films, Item Songs are purely for Mass Audience. I create a situation for a Item Song. Today, a film is not just for any particular class of Audience. That is the reason my films strive to be overall entertainers. AW: So is 100% Love. Sir, how did Allu Arivind ji reacted when he heard the story?Sukumar: irrespective of age, Arvind ji is one such film maker who always wants audience to watch and enjoy ‘fresh’ films. When I told the story to him, I have taken round about 100 titles to him like ‘Balu – Swapna’ types. Infact, the title ‘100% Love’ was my last option. Surprisingly, Arvind ji liked the title and 100% Love today is a 100% success, because audience also liked it.AW: We wanted to know, how did you highlight the feeling of ‘Infatuation’ in the film Sir?Sukumar: people won’t accept. But the reality is that only ‘Infatuation’ is a true feeling when you see a opposite person, first. All these affections, understanding, love come later. I did not mean that all these are not true. I only meant ‘Infatuation’ is true. And I feel even audience meant the same after watching 100% love.AW: Every film of yours has Logic in it that projects every point in a different way. Do you apply this logic of yours in real life too?Sukumar: (Laughs) No. till now I have not made any such experiments. Life is all about emotions. People like to see some thing different on Silver Screen, so come these Logics. AW: Ok, Tell us something about your Music Director DSP.Sukumar: well, Devi and I think similarly. Even before I don’t complete narrating a situation, he comes up with a tune. I feel there I and Devi share a proper understanding that is required between a Director and a Music Director.AW: If given a chance, on which film of yours you want to re – work?Sukumar: it would be Aarya. My first film. When I compare my Direction, from then to now, I feel I have made a lot of mistakes in Aarya that I want to rectify.AW: Tell us one such hero in tollywood you want to work with?Sukumar: oh! Please don’t ask me this yaar. It’s very difficult to answer this question.AW: Ok Sir, do you want to tell anything to our AW’s readers?Sukumar: Well, if you do not watch 100% Love, then you are missing 100% of your life.

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