Indian students paying for their studies abroadIndian Citizenship

September 30, 2013 05:38
Indian students paying for their studies abroad

Unless one has a scholarship or their own funds to pay for their studies abroad it may not be possible to go overseas for studies as the cost of study in foreign countries especially for international students is very high. Most countries subsidize the fees for their citizens. However international students get no such benefit and are required to pay full fees. Usually such high fees are not within the reach of middle class families in India.

While some students from affluent families, may have the required funds to study abroad. The majority of students dream of working their way through the education system. Some prospective students are mislead into believing that they can work while studying abroad and hence need not worry about financing. Agents paint a rosy picture to sell their services, they may give the impressions that jobs for students are just waiting for them. However this may not be true.

Western countries are not immune to the problem of unemployment. No government would allow foreign students to take up jobs in their countries unconditionally. International students need permission to work and follow rules and regulations of the country they intend to study in. While students may be permitted to do some work, the salaries from such work are certainly not sufficient to pay for their studies and stay abroad.

Student Fees and Working Rules for International Students:

Prospective applicants for student visas should consider the financial aspects of studying abroad. University students abroad, especially in popular countries like USA, Canada and UK do have a tendency to work during the summer months to support their educational and living expenses. However this is not possible for foreign students as their student visas have restrictions that may not permit them to seek employment. One of the requirements of getting a student visa is to show that the prospective student has the funds to pay for their education and stay abroad.

While limited work is allowed for student visa holders in foreign countries there are rules and regulations that need to be followed.

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