Thai doctors might have a possible cure for coronavirusHot Buzz

February 03, 2020 12:37
Thai doctors might have a possible cure for coronavirus

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The most raging topic across the globe is the novel coronavirus that has started in China and has affected around 15,000 people and has been the cause of death of several patients across the nations.

The city of Wuhan in China is said to be the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus.

The Thai doctors have provided an answer to the question that is stuck in everyone’s heads which is whether there exists a cure for the coronavirus - the answer being YES.

The Thai doctors have experienced success in treating several severe cases of the new coronavirus that is prevailing, with a combination of the medications that are used for flu and HIV. The initial results have shown a vast improvement with in 48 hours after the treatment has been applied.

According to the doctors from the Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok, a new approach in treating the coronavirus has helped in improving the health conditions of several patients under their care.

The drug that is used in the treatment is an inclusion of a mixture of anti- HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir in combination with large doses of oseltamivir which is a flue drug.

The reporters has been told by a lung specialist at Rajavithi Hospital Dr. Kriangska Atipornwanich that though the drug that has been been found is not completely the cure but it has helped in improving the condition of the patient. He also added saying that on the application of the combination to the patients suffering from the coronavirus, the test results have shown negative with in 48 hours.

The Thai doctors have said that using the three drugs as a cocktail has seemed to improve the treatment and the HIV and flue drugs in order to fight the coronavirus has already been administered by the health officials of China.

Another doctor has said that treating two different patients with the same combination of drugs have shown a difference in the results with one being prone to some allergic reactions while the other patient has shown improvement.

Thailand has recorded nineteen cases of patients suffering with coronavirus out of which eight have been recovered and were discharged from the hospital where as the remaining eleven are still in the hospital and are undergoing treatment.

This treatment has cured a 70- year- old Chinese woman from Wuhan was tested positive and has been suffering from the coronavirus for around ten days but it is still not sure if this is the approach that can be used to all cases and it is too soon to make a decision regarding the same.

Novel Coronavirus is a deadly virus that first diagnosed in China. The Wuhan city of China is said to the epicenter for the deadly virus.

The news comes as the coronavirus has claimed its first life outside China in Philippines where in death of a 44- year- old Chinese man has been recorded.

It has been recorded that the virus has affected around 15,000 people and has killed several number of patients with the death toll soared above 300 in China. The virus has been spread to across 25 countries which includes India.

The second highest number of cases outside China has been recorded at Japan with the number of people infected with the deadly coronavirus has been recorded to be around twenty.

The symptoms that have been observed in the infected patients are fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty in breathing.

Although there has been no complete cure for the disease, an individual can take necessary preventory measures in order to stay safe from being infected with the deadly coronavirus.

The measures that can be taken in order to prevent yopurself from being affected with the coronavirus is mentioned below:

  • Wash your hand frequently with soap and water and ensure that your hands are clean. If there is no availability of water and soap, sanitize your hands using a hand sanitizer in order to maintain a healthy hygiene.
  • Avoid close contact with the people affected with cold or cough
  • Isolate yourself when you are sick
  • Cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze.
  • Clean or disinfect the furniture that is frequently being touched.

The World Health Organization has identified the coronavirus as zoonotic.

Zoonotic is a term that is used in order to describe a virus that is transmitted from animals to humans and would later spread from one human being to another human being.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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