WHO Director General Slams France Over Vaccine Testing On African PeopleTop Stories

April 07, 2020 05:53
WHO Director General Slams France Over Vaccine Testing On African People

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With the world fighting a global pandemic, there are some worse issues that the world currently needs to work on, the act of racism being one of them. In some latest reports, it was said that France government has put forth an idea of testing the vaccine out on African people to deem its safety.

The Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus condemned this in a public press conference on Monday on the strongest possible terms.

Referring to the comments made last week by two French scientists, Tedros stated saying, “Africa cannot and will not be a testing ground for any vaccine. We will follow all the rules to test any vaccine or therapeutics all over the world, using exactly the same rule.”

Speaking at the WHO press conference, he further stated saying that irrespective of whether it is tested in Europe, Africa or wherever across the world, there will be same protocol followed and no discrimination will be suggested.

Without prioritising any state, Tedros also addressed the issue surrounding the use of medical masks in the public to prevent the further spread of the covid-19 infection. The United States made this recommendation to the public over the weekend.

Addressing this issue, Tedros stated saying, “First and foremost, medical masks must be prioritized for health workers on the front lines of the response. We know medical masks can help to protect health workers, but they're in short supply globally.”

Tedros highlighted the problem in this saying that the use of the medical masks by the general people contributes to a shortage of the same for the healthcare professionals who are in dire need of these masks to protect themselves from contracting the infection.

When it comes to the usage of the medical masks in the community, Tedros said that the same is recommended for the people who are sick and not for the ones who are fit and fine.

Tedros further clarified this issues saying, “For example, countries could consider using masks in communities where other measures such as cleaning hands and physical distancing are harder to achieve because of lack of water or cramped living conditions.”

With the rapid spread of the virus, it is extremely important that people understand the need for the masks and the other medical equipments for the frontline healthcare workers who are risking their lives every single day.

Ever since its spread from Wuhan in China, the novel coronavirus has infected over 184 countries across the world and has a total confirmed case number over 1.3 million with a death toll over 74,000.

By Somapika Dutta

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