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September 05, 2013 12:51
What you didn't know your facial did

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Facials can be a boon or bane, depending on your choice. Thought facials can only do good? Well, here's a reality check. They can be bad too.

According to various skin experts, facials are good only when performed by a well trained person and provided the facial products suit you. If the salon personnel are not trained properly, they can end up inflicting more damage than repair. Excessive facials with an untrained person can be painful and create more marks and scars compared to before it all started.

Similarly, products that do not suit your skin can damage it in the long term, acting opposite to what you wanted. Surprisingly, it was found that cucumber pieces on the face during a facial are not helpful to remove under eye circles.

Done right, facials are a support to your usual skin care routine. Done wrong, they can damage the skin. On the right side, facials can effectively cleanse the skin, remove blackheads/whiteheads, nourish dry skin, smoothens wrinkles and improve skin tone.

On the wrong side, facials cannot get rid of acne, cannot remove discoloration, cannot lift sagging skin and cannot eliminate puffy eyes, dark circles and skin toxins. Facials are also not an alternative to cosmetic procedures like Botox.

To prevent yourself from falling prey to misinformation by over enthusiastic parlor personnel, take the advice of an expert on what suits best for your skin. Then, stick to your guns. Do not relent even if the girl in the pretty uniform pesters you to take that 'magical' service for a 'discount'.

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