Seenu Vytla talks about ‘Dookudu’ Celebrity Interviews

October 03, 2011 07:57
Seenu Vytla talks about ‘Dookudu’

SreenuVytlaHe has made a mark as a director in the industry. He is a minimum guarantee director. Even if we do not know about anything about the technical crew and the director, after watching the film for certain time, you will say, ‘this is a pakkaSeenuVytla’s film. With almost a very high success ratio of his entire career and his latest release ‘Dookudu’ declared a film of the year, SeenuVytla talks more about ‘Dookudu’ and about his films as such;

Enjoying ‘Dookudu’s success

I feel all our hard work has paid back and the success of ‘Dookudu’ both in India and overseas turned out to be a solace to us. We have worked for the film more than a year. We had to face many hurdles and the shooting of the film got delayed with each problem. Many said, ‘Dookudu’s delay in release will turn out to be the biggest disadvantage for the film, others did not had confidence in the film and some others started anticipating the result of the film, even before its release. Even when the audio was launched, the initial few days we had to receive many negative feedbacks about the music and the songs of the film. But, putting down each negative, ‘Dookudu’ turned out to be a super success of the year and once again proved that a good film will always result in positive.

Reason for concentrating on ‘Comedy’ being the ‘centric’ of every film

I don’t find a reason for making a film. Film making is my passion so I am here. I make the films for audience and I being the audience, would love watching all those films that make me laugh. So all the audience these days. Not many people want to think while watching the film. If the audience would invest some amount to get entertained, it is my responsibility to give them all that required entertainment. And what more is required rather than comedy for the audience to get entertained?

Bramhanandam being a part of every film

I enjoy comedy and appreciate all the comedians who are making us laugh. I am personally a very big fan of Dr. Bramhanandam, who is no doubt a comedy king of Indian cinema. He is a solace to any director and gives the best of his performance with amazing timing of comedy in every sequence. I feel very comfortable in working with him. Since, I believe in making entertaining films, I cast all the artists who can entertain the audience to the core. It is not that Bramhanandam is the only artist who will enact the comedy sequences in my films. Even the hero of my film ends up doing comedy.

Working with Mahesh

He is a director’s hero. He trusts his director and creative persons completely and works according to the director. He gives complete freedom to the director and never hesitates to mold his personality and body language according to the characterization. It has been a fantastic experience working with Mahesh and I am looking forward to work with him in near future as well.

Comment on all the films being the sequel of his earlier films

If is it so, then audience are intelligent enough to stay away from watching my films. They would instead wait for the film to come on T.V or the DVD to be released. It could be the comedy being the integral part of many of my films, or else I do not prefer taking a serious story line of film making, it could appear all my films being the same. But, as a director I am satisfied that the industry is looking up to me and considering me a worth. I do not bother about the comments made by certain set of people. I know my work. 

Future projects

There are certain projects in pipeline. I would be making more interesting films in near future. I will be doing films with certain heroes and certain combinations that I have never done before. As of now, I am enjoying ‘Dookudu’ success and working on the script of my next project. Will let you know the details soon.

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