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  • president, India, tulsi gabbard likely to run for u s presidency in 2020 sources, Running

    Tulsi Gabbard Likely to Run for U.S. Presidency in 2020: Sources 2018-11-12 11:33:06

    The first Hindu lawmaker in the United States Congress Tulsi Gabbard is considering to run for the American presidency in 2020, according to sources near to her.A distinguished Indian-American, Dr. Sampat Shivangi on Friday introduced the 37-year-old Tulsi Gabbard and...

    Keywords: India, United States presidency, India, democrat

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    congressional district, Rich Verma, midterm polls a great slate of indian american candidates in fray, Running

    Midterm Polls: A Great Slate of Indian-American Candidates in Fray 2018-11-05 05:21:55

    The former United States ambassador to India, Rich Verma, told PTI ahead of November 6 midterm elections that it has been incredible to see the rise of Indian-Americans in the U.S. politics. About 100 Indian-Americans are on the ballot this...

    Keywords: congressional district, Indian Americans, Verma, American

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    Trump, great job, trump praises india americans for playing incredible role in his admin, Running

    Trump Praises India-Americans for Playing Incredible Role in His Admin 2018-11-14 12:11:23

    President Donald Trump, who has appointed more than two dozen Indian-Americans to senior positions since he took office in 2017, has praised them for their "incredible" performance in his administration.Reflective of the recognition of the inherent talent that Indian-Americans have...

    Keywords: Indian Americans, India, Trump administration, American

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    Kamala Harris, white house, kamala harris to run for u s presidency 2020 reports, Running

    Kamala Harris to Run for U.S. Presidency 2020: Reports 2018-11-13 11:33:21

    The first India-origin United States Senator Kamala Harris, who also know as the "female Obama", is considering to run for the White House in 2020, according to media reports.The news came days after Harris demonstrated a strong showing by the...

    Keywords: US presidential candidates, president, term elections, election

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    Indian Americans, Indian Americans in midterm elections, four indian americans re elected to u s house, Running

    Four Indian-Americans Re-Elected to U.S. House 2018-11-08 05:24:45

    In the highly polarized midterm elections held Tuesday across the United States, four Indian-American incumbent members were re-elected to the House of Representatives and over a dozen others won various other races. Raja Krishnamoorthi was re-elected for the second term...

    Keywords: US house, midterm elections, 2018 US midterm elections, 2018 US midterm elections

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    Diwali in Arizona, Diwali, one can t take diwali out of indians even when they re in u s, Running

    One can't take Diwali out of Indians - even when they're in U.S. 2018-11-06 10:16:29

    Like cuisine, vogue, and faith, Indians carry with them their precious festivals regardless of where their livelihood takes them.It is no unlike in the United States where people of Indian-origin have been residing since the 1820s.Over the years, a thriving...

    Keywords: diwali celebrations in US, Diwali in Arizona, United States, United States

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