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  • Android devices, Google, google expands neighbourly app to five more indian cities, Google play store

    Google Expands 'Neighbourly' App to Five More Indian Cities 2018-09-12 13:03:51

    Google-owned "Neighbourly" app, which assists users with local information like nearby parks, shopping arcades, fitness, food and tuition centers is now rolling out to Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vizag, and Kota.The beta version of "Neighbourly" is available...

    Keywords: Android devices, Google Play Store, Google apps, Neighbourly App

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    plays store, Google play, fake banks apps may have stolen thousands of customers data report, Google play store

    Fake Banks Apps May have Stolen Thousands of Customers Data: Report 2018-10-25 11:07:57

    More than a few Indian bank customers may have been duped by scammers through fake Android applications.According to a report by Sophos Labs, an Information Technology (IT) security firm, customers of at least 7 banks, State Bank of India (SBI),...

    Keywords: Android Play Store, Google play store, mobile banking, bank

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    android phone, how to detect a virus on your android, agent smith virus infects 25 million android phones know how to save your phone from this risky virus, Google play store

    Agent Smith Virus Infects 25 Million Android Phones: Know How to Save Your Phone from This Risky Virus 2019-07-11 10:18:31

    Agent Smith virus is taking over Android phones across the world with infecting more than 25 million phones thus far worldwide. The app spreads through the third-party app stores like 9Apps and once it is on a phone, it hides...

    Keywords: how to clean your phone from virus, how to check your phone for viruses, virus on samsung, agent smith virus on android phones

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    faceapp in russia, faceapp on android, beware faceapp users giving your selfie to russians is in every way a bad idea, Google play store

    Beware FaceApp Users! Giving Your Selfie to Russians Is in Every Way a Bad Idea 2019-07-18 11:00:05

    With advanced technology, everything is just a click away now - outrageous wrongdoing or brief enlightenment. Right now, FaceApp, made by Russian developer is on mania, mostly among millennials and so far it garnered over 150 million users. This app...

    Keywords: facepp, faceapp in russia, facepp, facepp

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    whatsapp download 2018, whatsapp download 2018, beware whatsapp gold is back that puts your personal data in risk, Google play store

    Beware! WhatsApp Gold Is Back That Puts Your Personal Data in Risk 2019-01-07 12:14:39

    The instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been boon and bane for numerous reasons for the user. The platform, with 65 million active users globally, has been affected by several scams and hoaxes directly affecting the users, 'WhatsApp Gold' is one...

    Keywords: whatsapp web scan, whatsapp gold malware, whatsapp web scan, whatsapp gold

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    china apps list in india, chinese apps, rise of chinese apps in india tinder fifth most popular app in the country, Google play store

    Rise of Chinese Apps in India: Tinder Fifth-Most Popular App in the Country 2019-05-09 07:21:34

    China’s favorite dating application Tinder has grossed $260.7 million from Google Play Store and Apple App Store since the last quarter surpassing the video-streaming app Netflix in Q1 2019 revenues. Tinder is now the fifth-most-popular app in India by combined...

    Keywords: list of chinese mobile apps in india, chinese apps, tinder in India, 42 apps list

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