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  • american company dell, dell laptop, american company dell is most trusted brand in india study, Fide

    American Company Dell Is Most Trusted Brand in India: Study 2019-06-05 07:18:24

    Dell, the American company, has graced the top spot as the most trusted brand in India. The ranking was published by TRA’s ‘The Brand Trust Report India Study 2019'. American auto brand Jeep ranked second in the study, followed by Life...

    Keywords: american company dell, dell, dell laptop, dell brand in India

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    Indian origin, stalking in UK, indian origin man jailed for 29 months in uk for stalking woman for 18 months, Fide

    Indian Origin Man Jailed for 29 Months in UK for Stalking Woman for 18 Months 2019-05-17 05:47:51

    An Indian origin man in the United Kingdom has been jailed for 29 months for stalking a woman for 18 months after she accompanied him just once in a store in London. The 28-year-old Rohit Sharma was jailed at Isleworth...

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    personal finance tips, personal finance tips 2019, 9 personal finance tips and tricks to retain deep pockets, Fide

    9 Personal Finance Tips and Tricks to Retain Deep Pockets 2019-06-14 11:20:30

    It’s the end of the month and concurrently it is the time you realize you don’t have enough money to buy something of use for yourself. When you read a lot of finance books & blogs, you come across a...

    Keywords: personal finance tips 2019, personal finance tips for college students, peroanl finance tips and tricks, financial planning tips 2018

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    how do you feel when you move to another country, life lessons learned from moving, 6 important life lessons you will gain from moving abroad, Fide

    6 Important Life Lessons You Will Gain from Moving Abroad 2019-05-13 07:45:38

    Moving abroad though will be favorable for you but off and on the thought may throw you off balance. The fear of not knowing anyone, adjusting to a new way of life leaving behind everything in your home country probably...

    Keywords: living abroad blog, change your life move abroad, benefits of moving abroad, moving abroad

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    India, PM Modi, india is great ally and u s will continue to work closely with pm modi trump administration, Fide

    India Is ‘Great Ally’ and U.S. Will Continue to Work Closely with PM Modi: Trump Administration 2019-05-29 07:31:48

    India is a "great ally" of America and the United States will continue to work closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Trump administration has said, asserting that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was looking forward to having a "robust...

    Keywords: India, India is great ally, India is great ally, India

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    western parenting vs indian parenting, Indian mother struggling with American parenting, the story of an indian mother struggling with american parenting, Fide

    The Story of an Indian Mother Struggling with American Parenting 2019-06-03 11:28:58

    Parenting in America is quite different when compared to other countries, especially India. And, as scores of Indians are residing in the United States it makes tougher for Indian parents to raise children as per the country’s directives. The foremost...

    Keywords: indian american parenting, child rearing practices in indian families, white american mothers comment on indian parenting, difference between american and indian parenting

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