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  • Facebook CEO, CEO, facebook investors want mark zuckerberg to resign, Activity

    Facebook Investors Want Mark Zuckerberg to Resign 2018-11-17 11:58:00

    Facebook investors have increased pressure on Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to step down after a New York Times investigation suggested that the social network hired a Republican-owned political consulting and PR firm that "dug up dirt on...

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    winter blues, blues, seasonal affective disorder effective ways to beat winter blues, Activity

    Seasonal Affective Disorder: Effective Ways to Beat Winter Blues 2018-11-10 11:52:59

    From the absence of sunlight to bitterly cold weather, the impulse to laze around indoors during winter can be so enticing.According to experts, several people feel sluggish and low during the winter months.Otherwise called Seasonal Affective Disorder, the winter blues...

    Keywords: symptoms of winter blues, winter, winter, SAD

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    US law enforcement, facebook block accounts, facebook blocks 30 accounts ahead of midterm elections, Activity

    Facebook Blocks 30 Accounts Ahead of Midterm Elections 2018-11-06 07:50:28

    The social media giant Facebook on Monday said it had blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and simultaneously 85 accounts on photo-sharing application Instagram over concerns they may be connected to foreign entities and intended at meddling in the...

    Keywords: facebook block accounts, Americans, accounts, facebook block accounts

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    Indians holidaying, Indians, indians opt holidaying at home than going on foreign trips survey, Activity

    Indians Opt Holidaying at Home than Going on Foreign Trips: Survey 2018-11-20 07:14:08

    A survey has revealed that more than 40 percent of Indians holidaying at home rather than purchasing lavish items or going to wellness and spa trips overseas. According to the survey from YouGov on behalf of Priority Pass, among the...

    Keywords: Indians holidaying, Indians abroad, Indians, holiday trips in India

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    kartika purnima 2018, kartika purnima 2018, rituals to observe this kartika masam to attain salvation, Activity

    Rituals to Observe this Kartika Masam to Attain Salvation 2018-11-09 05:35:15

    Kartika Masam is the 8th month in the Hindu lunar calendar, which usually falls in the month of October /November and is considered the most auspicious and sacred month as it is very precious to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.It...

    Keywords: Kartika Masam, Kartika masam 2018, kartika purnima rituals, kartika purnima 2018

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    Diwali in Arizona, Diwali, one can t take diwali out of indians even when they re in u s, Activity

    One can't take Diwali out of Indians - even when they're in U.S. 2018-11-06 10:16:29

    Like cuisine, vogue, and faith, Indians carry with them their precious festivals regardless of where their livelihood takes them.It is no unlike in the United States where people of Indian-origin have been residing since the 1820s.Over the years, a thriving...

    Keywords: diwali events, Diwali in New York, India, indian population

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